Studio CLC is an architectural lighting design company based in Ankara.

Seeing the qualitative and quantitative results of architectural lighting design, an interdiciplinary design service in which electrical engineering and architecture come together excites us.

As architects and electrical engineers who have enthusiasm on light, we would like to come up with architectural lighting solutions according to your project.

If you are considering having architectural lighting design service, let’s meet for a coffee and criticize your project.

Architectural Lighting Project

We are offering architectural lighting project design service according to quantitative and qualitative requirements of your projects.

Daylighting Consultancy

We can support you on your projects by offering daylight analyses, architectural detail proposals and artificial lighting under daylight conditions.

Product Design

We can support you on design and production of custom design products specially designed for your project.

You can contact us from and request a visit.

First Meeting
The first phase of our projects is meeting. We talk about the project, the requirements, what out customer needs and focuses on.
Conceptual Design
In order to determine the concept, we make our case studies and further researches on this phase. We define the requirements of the spaces and our strategies and aims on the project.
Schematic Lighting Design
Schematic lighting decisions are presented on plans and perspectives.
Detailed Architectural Concept
Product decisions according to the requirements of the space and the budget of the customer, drawings of the required architectrual details for lighting application and realistic architectural lighting renderings are being done. If required, mock up applications are also being created in this phase.
We integrate architectural lighting project into architectural project.
Application Project
After completing the architectural lighting project, we submit the detailed application projects in this phase.